Extend your computers life and get a full check up with SteveIT

We offer a hardware clean up and hardware check which takes approximately 2 Hours

Here is what we do:

1. Firstly we clean out the dust, dirt and grime from your computer. Over time, The dirt and grime will cause the computer to overheat. The excess heat will eventually shorten the life of the computer.  Parts such as the CPU(The Brain) and the RAM(Memory) will eventually degrade to the point of failure.

2. Secondly we run tests on your computers components to make sure everything is working at peak performance.

3. Next, we run our scans to eradicate any lurking viruses or malware.

4. Finally we refresh the windows file system

5. We return you computer to your home or business and make sure it is setup for you.

**The computer (pictured on the right) was brought in by a business customer.

Keep it Clean and Cool

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