Microsoft Edge = Microsoft Chrome

So what changed?

As of the last few months you may have noticed that the Web Browser “Microsoft Edge” icon/logo has changed.

Previously Microsoft edge was pretty sucky, slow and generally had problems with various websites. Most of us generally used Google Chrome, Firefox or another alternative browser.

Improvements to Chrome that Microsoft bring to the table.

  1. Microsoft Chrome is faster
  2. Microsoft Chrome uses less memory(great for older machines)
  3. Security is enhanced
  4. Gives you the ability to stop organisations from tracking your path on the Internet
  5. Better download organisation
  6. Built in PDF Reader
  7. Allows you to sync your favourites, history, settings, usernames & passwords across any device.
  8. If your moving from a different browser to Microsoft Chrome, you can directly import all of your settings, favourites, history, usernames & passwords to the new browser.

So why Chrome?

Chomium mand Chrome

Microsoft have made the leap and adopted the Chrome browser just as Google have. Later this year Microsoft will launch a range of Smart Phones based on the Android System (already have in some countries). They have developed their own unique Chrome based browser to be fully compatible with the Android based Smart Phones.

Who Owns Chrome (Google Chrome & Microsoft Chrome)?

Google owns Google Chrome which is heavily based on a Web browser called Chromium. ie. The Chromium Project has been around since the start of Web browsing.

Microsoft have licenced Chrome and developed it in conjunction with The Chromium project and Google.

So there you have it. Hope you’ve learnt something.


Steve @ SteveIT